At Delta, we build only thermoformed kayaks because we believe in the technology, our kayak designs and our state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. We’re proud to craft our kayaks in coastal British Columbia and feel there’s no better place to prove our designs. And we make kayaks for everyone, from beginner to expert, because we believe every paddler deserves a well-crafted kayak that suits their own style and ability. Our focus has always been to build the world’s finest thermoformed kayaks right here in North America, and we think our quality kayaks speak to the value of doing one thing and doing it well.

That’s who we are. That’s the Delta difference.



All of our kayak models are made right at our manufacturing facility in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) and over 35+ years of experience to design our kayaks. The final assembly and finishing touches are done by hand so that every step of the process is up to our strict standards.



Consideration for the environment is an important part of our philosophy at Delta Kayaks. While you are enjoying your kayak in the outdoors, you can be confident in the knowledge that Delta Kayaks are made from materials and construction methods that tread lightly on our planet. The materials used to make Delta Kayaks are safe to manufacture and are completely recyclable. 100% of our scrap material is collected and repurposed so there is no waste.



Delta makes choosing the right kayak easy. As avid paddlers we know that fit, comfort and performance are vital to experiencing the best that kayaking has to offer. Optimizing your fit and comfort is quick and easy with the Delta multi-positional Contour II sliding seat system, Seadog™ foot braces and integrated thigh pads. All Delta Kayaks feature a long waterline and upswept bow for an efficient dry ride. Deck fittings are recessed and hatches flush-mounted for a sleek look and no-snag design. Bow and stern hatches are large and provide easy access into full-volume dry storage compartments that are sealed by watertight flanged bulkheads. The advanced thermoform construction of our kayaks provides better rigidity and far less weight and durability that surpasses what fibreglass kayaks have to offer.




Our skilled workers carefully craft every Delta kayak using a proprietary blend of thermoplastic materials. An ABS base layer (1) provides superior impact-resistance and rigidity, while the Solarkote exterior surface (2) contributes outstanding abrasion and UV resistance for a smooth, bright finish and vibrant, lasting colours. Our kayaks have higher impact strength than composite fibreglass boats and hold their shape better than polyethylene kayaks. The first thing you’re likely to notice, however, is their weight. Thanks to our advanced thermoform construction, Delta kayaks are not just tough and good-looking — they’re also among the lightest on the market.



Personalizing your fit and comfort is simple with our feature rich, multi-position Contour II Seat System. Its ergonomic design provides optimum support with channel-vented foam cushioning for excellent drainage and air flow. Key features of the Contour II Seat System are:

1. Hi-Low Backrest Adjustment
2. Channel Venting
3. Contour Fit Kit Ready
4. Core Drainage
5. Multi-Position Seat Adjustment

The seat-pan and backrest are designed to conform to your body and offer excellent ergonomic support. Self locking, hardware free backrest adjustment allows for easy height positioning while in or out of your kayak. The Contour II Indexing System makes




"An Amazing Boat"
I had the Dela 15s out twice last weekend and that is an amazing boat, handles a 2-foot chop like nothing, it tracks so well that I just put the rudder down for 5 minutes to test turns so effortlessly that it made me look like I knew what I was doing. All that in an eye-catching package that had people stopping and asking about it. All in all, I would recommend this or any other Delta kayak to a friend in a heart beat, well designed and assembled, thanks for a great boat that will be lovingly paddled for years to come. - Bob Hunt, Kamloops, BC
"Thoughtfulness in Design"
After kayak camping for 12 years, & 6 kayaks later, I purchased my Delta 16. Wow! What a pleasure to paddle; tracks beautifully, stable & nimble at the same time. The storage capacity gives me ample room for multi-day trips, & the day hatch adds a nice touch. Thoughtfulness in design is evident in every detail of the boat. I love my Delta 16. - John Abularrage | Photo: JBK Paddlesports
"No Comparison"
The Delta 15.5 has been the best kayak camping expedition boat that I have owned. We paddle the Maine coast and need to carry food and gear for 5 nights. Nothing else has come close to the carrying capacity and handling of my 15.5 Expedition. We have been doing this for 15 years twice a year so I had a few boats and the Delta is absolutely the best. Love the foot pedals that allow you to stay braced while you use the rudder. Paddled with a fully loaded boat in rough water and I never fear. - Tom Medeiros, Lima, Peru
"Converted Kayaker"
"While my wife got the Delta 14 straight away. I went back to White Squall who—true to their word exchanged my [other brand] for a Delta 16. I couldn't be happier. It is the perfect fusion of a British-style sea kayak and a North American kayak. It ticks all the boxes with its good looks, its rock steady performance in big water situations, and its cargo carrying abilities that have allowed us to take extended trips into the Great Lakes and provincial parks. I cannot compliment you enough on the quality in manufacturing and attention to detail that have gone into the design of the boat. I am converted!" — Peter O'Brien, Georgian Bay, ON



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