A Message from the Team at Delta Kayaks

The demand for outdoor equipment has been almost overwhelming throughout the last 2 years, and our kayaks have certainly been no exception. This demand means we have been building more of our exceptional lightweight, thermoformed kayaks than ever before.

Although we have expanded our production capacity, it is nothing short of a challenge to meet the increased demand for our kayaks. Supply chain and logistical constraints have further exacerbated this situation. We continue to receive many inquiries regarding the availability of our kayaks. Since our kayaks are sold strictly through our dealer network, we ask that you contact one nearest you regarding the availability of the Delta Kayak you seek to purchase.

We simply do not have the ability to provide stocking information directly to individual consumers. Additionally, our dealers can also provide advice on choosing the right kayak, and answer any other questions you might have about an upcoming purchase.

Most of our dealers are taking pre-orders or providing waitlists for coming deliveries. Many of these shipments are currently pre-sold, so longer than usual wait periods should be expected, although this can vary from dealer to dealer.

As we diligently continue working to produce as many of our exceptional kayaks as possible, we want to thank all of you near and far for your continued support and interest in Delta Kayaks.

Once again, we appreciate your patience and understanding, as we continue to navigate through these times together!

— The Team at Delta Kayaks

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